Saving Evidences

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Saving Evidences

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I got an reply from SMILE personnels about my question through email, but I post my question and their answer to share with others

I plan to build an web application where user can input evidences on the credibility model based on BN. Therefore, all evidences may not can be collected at once. The application may need to show an interim result of credibility and update credibility again whenever there are more evidences. In this reason I need to save evidence on BN and retrieve the saved evidence. I am wondering whether SMILE support this functionality. I found a reference from the forum (, but it is for diagnostic purpose. So the application of SMILE diagnostic to my web application will be limited.

"The case manager API is for general evidence. We have also the legacy
case library feature in the diagnostic window, which overlaps in
functionality with the case manager.

For the web app I'd go for external (probably database) storage for
the evidence for purely practical reasons."

So you can use the case manager to store evidence if you want.

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