GeNIe v.4

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GeNIe v.4

Post by nzsk »

I updated my GeNIe to the newest version 4. I have a hybrid network and I would like to discretize this to perform sensitivity analysis as I did in GeNIe v. 3. However, the 'Discretize' command that was previously available under the 'Network' menu no longer seems to be there. I looked in the Help file but I don't seem to be able to find it. What has changed?
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Re: GeNIe v.4

Post by shooltz[BayesFusion] »

We have modified the hybrid inference algorithm to avoid the creation of the discretized network. SMILE 2.x performs the discretization on the fly and always takes into account the information available to reduce the size of the CPTs (constant nodes and evidence, including evidence set on discrete nodes with intervals and point values).

The implementation of the 'Discretize' command in GeNIe 3.x simply used the step from SMILE's inference algorithm. This step no longer exist in SMILE code.

Please note that you can still view the discretized CPTs in equation node's property pages. If some nodes were absorbed during discretization, the headers in the discretized CPT grid will be displayed accordingly.
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